About Me...

1. "The Voice of Trust and Authority"
2. "Smooth, Warm, and Believable"
3. "Bringing Your Story to Life"

Voice of Dana Wilson is the go-to source for professional voice over services.

With over 20 years of theater and singing experience, Dana Wilson has the expertise to bring your story to life with her warm, trustworthy, and believable voice.

Dana Wilson is a professional voice actor with over 20 years of theater and singing experience. He has a unique ability to bring stories to life with his warm, trustworthy, and believable voice.

His clients include Biogen, GSK, Texas Oncology, Sanofi-Aventis, Invitae, Dexcom, and ReMax.

Dana has a natural ability to capture the attention of his audience with his smooth, kind, and gentle authority.

He has a wide range of voice over styles, from commercial to medical/pharmaceutical narration, explainers, and onboarding.

His voice has been described as having a "George Clooney-like" quality.

Dana is passionate about helping his clients bring their stories to life. With his extensive experience in theater and singing, as well as his medical sales and marketing experience, he is the perfect choice for any voice over project.

Clients I Have Worked For

Texas Oncology